Black Beaching Cream

250 gr

PALCO BLEACHING CREAM is a black Beaching Cream with a dual effect:
• Guarantees maximum lightening, up to 9/10 shades
• Ensures maximum protection of the hair, without irritating the scalp

The black colour of the cream, due to the active carbon, is functional, because it effectively combats the unpleasant yellow and orange reflections, making it possible to obtain ash blonde and on-trend cool shades in just one application. The ARGAN OIL contained in the formula nourishes and protects the hair during the technical treatment, leaving it soft and shiny. PALCO BLEACHING CREAM is suitable for all lightening techniques; it does not drip and does not swell the hair. The mixing ratio is 1:2 (30g cream + 60ml oxidising emulsion 10, 20, 30 or 40 vol.).

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